Twinning Visit May 2019

Come along to our "Taste of St Pierre" event at the Grouse & Ale; try some delicious French food, taste local Pineau and find out a little more about Lane End's French twin

We're really pleased that Carlos at The Grouse & Ale is hosting our "Taste of St Pierre" event - the first on our calendar for 2019 as we celebrate 20 years of twinning with St Pierre d'Oleron.

Saturday 2 February from 11.00AM to 3.00PM.

Come along and find out more about your twin town, enjoy some delicious French food and perhaps even a drink - it is a pub after all.

Celebrating 20 Years of Lane End Twinning

May 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Lane End's

twinning with St Pierre d'Oleron

Lane End Twinning Association

Lane End Twinning Association aims to promote relationships between Lane End and St Pierre d'Oleron - through social, cultural and business links between our two communities

Get Involved

Twinning is all about the local communities - to make it a success we need your involvement - making twinning more inclusive, plans for future events, ideas and feedback  

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