Taste of St Pierre Event - February 2019

Our recent Twinning Association family day at The Grouse & Ale proved to be a great success with around 100 local residents joining in - huge thanks to everyone involved and all who came along.

We had a lovely selection of French foods including crepes, amazing Tartiflette made by Chris, French cakes and pastries and oysters. We also had red and white Pineau from th Ile d'Oleron to taste - this proved very popular!

This is the first of our events as we celebrate 20 years of twinning and hopefully will be the catalyst for a new era in the relationship between Lane End and St Pierre d'oleron.

Celebrating 20 Years of Lane End Twinning

May 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Lane End's

twinning with St Pierre d'Oleron

Lane End Twinning Association

Lane End Twinning Association aims to promote relationships between Lane End and St Pierre d'Oleron - through social, cultural and business links between our two communities

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Twinning is all about the local communities - to make it a success we need your involvement - making twinning more inclusive, plans for future events, ideas and feedback  

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